Since its inception, more than a decade ago, EuroSalt mission is to change for the better the Romanian Spice market, aiming to become the leading supplier of high performance products for our partners and the consumer.

Since then we evolved by adapting to the requirements of the market in terms of quality-price ratio of our entire product line.

We proud ourselves to be the only Romanian manufacturers of sea salt that provide all assortments and packaging arrangements to cover all Retail market requirements, either International Key Accounts or Traditional Trade.

We have continuously optimize and grew our product line, offering partners the saw-after competitive advantage to differentiate themselves from the competition. At the same time, our team believes in providing quality products with an attractive profit margins to help increase our partner's profitability and overall performance.

The varieties of salt manufactured by our company under IFS & Iso quality standards:

  • Fine and Coarse Sea Salt packed in 1kg Bag
  • Fine and Coarse Sea Salt packed in 1kg Box
  • Himalayan Pink Salt packed in 500 grams Box and 250g bottle
  • Fine Sea Salt packed in 400 g bottle
  • Coarse Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt grinders

By Including our product line in your portfolio, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maximize profit margins
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Gain customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase market share.

From our client portfolio we name a few:

  • Kaufland
  • Auchan
  • Metro
  • Dedeman
  • Traditional Trade Distributors
  • Local Key Accounts Retailers